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Rent Character Costume


Call 804-573-9258 to rent your children’s birthday party mascot costume today!

Character Mascot currently available for rental:

  • Doc McStuffins
  • SpongeBob
  • Spider-Man
  • Leonardo -Ninja Turtle
  • Dora


  • Rent Children’s party mascot for $250.00 with $103.20 REFUNDABLE deposit required by time of pick up. Pay deposit below. Deposits are forfeited if the character is returned damaged. Damages includes extreme rips and tears in costume or shoes as well as dirt or marks to the characters face.
  • Pick-up and return at our location. Delivery and Retrieval services are available upon request and fees are based on mileage.
  • Rentals are only for 24 hour period, pick up times are 8am and returns are 12pm the following day. Characters kept longer than 24 hours are charged a late fee at 75.00 per day late. There are some expectations with prior consent.
  • Costumes are cleaned thoroughly after each use and are in great condition.
  • Costumes fit anyone with average body/weight proportions.
  • Customer agrees not to allow smoke within 50 feet of the character.


Rent Character Costume Now!
Rent Character Costume Now!
Our costume rentals are $250 with a refundable deposit of $103.20. Pay your deposit now to reserve your costume!
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